29 December

The windswept highlands had a message for the fish monger;
Taketh the truths of my sifted sands
and cross not to higher ground, but to the voids of the in between

28 December

And take ye to bed rest, yet share not the sheets with the demons of night sweats. For tomorrow is the day on which they, in their time of doubting, shall answer to the demands of the now and thereafter.

26 December

Sleep is the domain of the utilitarian,
while rest is the comfort of the industrious.
Take a moment today to realize your strengths,
and celebrate the industry of brotherhood.

25 December

And at the urging of three wise men, the babe was soon returned to the star from which it came
on a floating pair of boards, to which it was held by the swaddling and sharp vine that so aroused the Romans and the masses

But en route, it became entangled in a snag of lesser stars of the heavens
The concubine of a Goddess did find the thwarted babe, which was fetched, and raised in this family of the heroine

24 December

Like the pepper moth on the sill at a windless dusk
May we look upon the day's beginning as the foray of challenges ahead that is our past
And in this may we see the circle the sages lay out before us like a board game of the esoteric parlour

23 December

A man, about to be eaten by a lion said to the lion "Why should thou take my meat as thine own, when there is fish to be speared with thine mighty claws?" The lion ravaged the man, and left much to be eaten by the jackals and the vultures, and the other beasts of the desert.

22 December

Take with you, on the start of your day
that which will see you through to the end.
Finish the day with less than you have taken
and you will be rich beyond compare.

21 December

Though sparks from the sun emblazon a memory of time measured on cosmic scale, our mortal minds shall miniaturize these flares into the spaces between synapses. Let us then break bread among our fellow - yet disparate - canine friends the same as they would with the deacons of their incisored god.

20 December

Like the farthings of a Welsh sculptor, may the days press upon us the opportunities of the east winds. Living further along these pre-determined directions, we shall see the essence at the end of the fortnight we call eternity.

19 December

When we come to the end of the book we call our life, we shall look back at each page's number, like the name of an experience. But before we get to the last page, perhaps we can consider the mother heron, and the pageless, numberless feathers she carries under the wing of a perfectly flown life.

18 December

The carp springeth forth, from the surface of the pond's mask,
Though the big fish knows not the day on which the sun shall set.
From this we learn: liveth forth, for the day lengths vary.